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Importance of Gynecologist in Women Health

June 2024

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Gynecologist in Thane providing comprehensive women's health care

More than 50% of human resources comprise of women today in India. From managers, educators, decision makers to administrators and prime ministers leading a country are women. Their dedication and performance is unparalleled by any species. Hence health of women are a vital aspect to cater. Women face a lot of issues that can turn from bad to worse early on if adequate medical attention is not sought.

From puberty, menarche, breast development, pregnancy to menopause, significant diseases affect women. Each of such diseases are managed by a health professional known as a Gynecologist. Starting from maturity when the reproductive organs mature, women are advised to have an annual or at least 3 yearly health check with a gynaecologist. Awareness of basic bodily functions and maintaining good physical and mental wellbeing are all vital aspects of managing women health. This is a task performed skilfully by gynaecologists.

  1. Birth control: Sexually active females need to be advised about birth control and the need to prevent various diseases such as herpes, HIV, gonorrhoea, syphilis etc, and unwanted pregnancies.

  2. Preventive care: Every women needs to be counselled regarding healthy lifestyle practices to maintain good health during puberty, pregnancy and old age to prevent various diseases and cancers affecting each age group.

  3. Clinical breast examination: Although monthly self-examination of breasts are advised, a regular check-up from a trained professional can help identify what is unknown.

  4. Pelvic examination: Most women panic on abnormal discharges such as blood during non-menstrual days, white discharges, curdy discharges etc. Many women notice lumps and swellings in their private areas. Such notices can create huge panic in women. Having a gynecologist identify red flags of any disease is very important and hence regular clinical pelvic examinations are very essential.

  5. Vaccination: Annually, a visit to the gynaecologist is recommended for getting the vaccination shots. HPV vaccinations reduce the risk of certain cancers such as cervical, vulvar, oral, vaginal and anal cancers. And other regular vaccinations such as flu-shots prevent influenza viral illnesses.

  6. Sexual health: Perhaps a gynaecologist is the only professional a female can freely discuss the issues pertaining to her sexual life and well-being. Hence periodic follow-up with a gynecologist will help establish a rapport to discuss awkward yet vital aspects of sexual health and seek immediate remedy.

  7. Conception: With the current genetic diseases on the high and delayed age at pregnancy, a woman is prone to many illnesses and conceiving could turn out a bad outcome for the baby. Hence a premarital counselling and preconception counselling is extremely important to plan a child and create a healthy family. Necessary supplements such as vitamins, minerals and other nutrients are essential for a healthy growth of a baby which are prescribed individually to each women by the gynaecologist.

  8. Mental health: Most women suffer from regular hormonal imbalances leading to chaotic personal life and mental suffering. These moments are at an all-time high during monthly menstruation, post-pregnancy, menopause and for unknown reasons. During these events it is important for the woman to have someone to speak to comfortably and sort the issues medically to gain proper control in life.

  9. There are multiple reasons to emphasise the importance of gynaecologists in a women’s life. Each play a vital role in every women’s life. Hence it is important to choose the best gynaecologist.


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