Oscar Clinic

Oscar Clinic is a once stop clinic for Assessment of Risk for Down syndrome during the pregnancy. This test designed to maximize the detection of Down syndrome between 11-14 wks and it can be offered for all pregnant women and is performed in the following manner.

  • USG is done to confirm the gestational age, fetal size and number
  • The fetal size should be between 11-14 weeks
  • The Nuchal Translucency is measured in an appropriate manner by trained personal. Dr. Mahesh V. Bedekar is certified by FMS (UK) for measuring Nuchal Translucency (NT) by USG.
  • Blood is taken from the mother for assay of BHCG and PAPP-A Combing these result, the final risk of having a child with
  • Down syndrome is computed using specialized software
  • The test reported as positive if the risk is higher than 1 in 300 A negative screening test indicates that the chance of having fetus with Down syndrome is low, through it cannot be totally excluded

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