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Looking for mammography centre in thane? Visit Dr. Bedekar Hospital for advanced therapeutic and diagnostic solutions for cancer detection and treatment.

Cancer Detection and Treatment

Basic as well as advanced diagnostic and therapeutic solutions for cancer detection and treatment are available.

Why Screening ?
- Prevention is better than cure
- To stop disease before it starts


- Blood Examination
- General Examination
- Cervical Examination & Pap Smear
- Breasts Examination

- Sonography
- Mammography
- Osteoporosis Screening


The diagnosis of breast cancer is based upon a thorough clinical examination along with a detailed history of the patient and is confirmed by carrying out a few tests.


Bilateral breast mammography is carried out to look for lesions in the suspected breast and to rule out a problem in the other breast. Quite often, a routine screening mammogram may be able to pick up a suspicious lesion before it is even palpable.

It is done along with a mammogram and is especially useful in younger women who have denser breasts. A lesion deemed suspicious on the mammogram is further studied using ultrasound before coming to a probable diagnosis.
Mammography and ultrasonography have a staging system called BIRADS, which adheres to international standards set for radiologists worldwide.

Breast MRIs are increasingly being used in younger patients, women with breast implants, those with symptoms of abnormal nipple discharge and a few other select conditions where the doctor deems it necessary.

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