Child Care During the Monsoon / Rainy Season

July 2019


Monsoons not only bring fun with them, but they even bring along some seasonal infections. In order to take care of your child during the rainy season, you have to make your house & kids ‘monsoon proof‘ or at least ‘monsoon ready‘.

Here are Some Tips For Child Care in Monsoon/Rainy Season

Child Care During the Monsoon / Rainy Season

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Build Immunity. Catch the Cold Before It Catches You.

Monsoon is the season for cold, flu and other air borne & water borne infections. It’s better to build a good immunity by giving foods which are rich in Vitamin C & other foods which help to boost their immune system.

Even supplements rich in Vitamins can be given. All though it’s always better to take them in the form of fruits & vegetables.

​Set the Room Temperature. It’s Warm & Nice.

It’s usually cold & breezy when it rains. A sudden change in temperature will affect your child’s health. Keep the house dry all the time & set his room temperature to a moderate. If you do not have a room heater, you can regulate the temperature to some extent by keeping the windows & doors closed.

Sweaters and comforters also help in keeping your kid warm throughout the day.

​Say No to Outside Food. Mommy is the Best Cook.

We know that water borne infections like diarrhea & food poisoning are common during monsoons. We do not know the kind of water they use, to make food outside. It’s better to give him homemade food. Include hot soups & hot milk in his daily diet.

​Avoid Getting Drenched. No Rain Dancing, Only Watching.

It’s easy to control infants from not going out in the rain. But once your kid starts walking it’s not an easy task. These days because of the high pollution, we cannot expect rain water to be safe. DO NOT let him play in the rain. Pack a raincoat & water proof shoes in his school bag. Whenever you are taking your little one to the mall, or a grocery store, in the rainy season, carry an umbrella & a rain coat.

​Prepare Your Own ‘monsoon Aid Kit’. I Am Prepared, Are You?

Even after taking all the precautions, there are chances your kid might catch a cold or a flu. Prepare a kit with medicines which help with cold & cough. Cough syrups, vitamin C supplements, syrups for cold or fever, balms etc. can be added to your kit, after taking proper advice from your pediatrician.

​Other Important Tips:

  • Keep your house clean.
  • Use antiseptic liquids while washing your kid’s clothes while cleaning the house.
  • Make your house insect proof. Monsoon brings its deadly friend mosquito.
  • Instead of using a coil which might lead to smoke allergies, use mosquito nets or liquid.
  • Teach him to use a sanitizer for hand wash.
  • Give him a hot bath if he gets drenched in the rain.
  • Keep his feet dry at all times. Get him used to wearing slippers or socks inside the house.

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