Bedekar Maternity Hospital in Thane - Fight Corona - 6 exercises which you can easily do at home


6 exercises which you can easily do at home

March 2020

With home-quarantine becoming essential to save yourself from getting infected with the COVID-19, it is important to keep yourselves fit at the same. You can neither go out for a run, nor go to the gym but one thing you can do for sure is workout at home.

Bedekar Maternity Hospital in Thane - Fight Corona - 6 exercises which you can easily do at home

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At-home exercises are not as difficult as they sound like. To make working out easier for you, here are 6 easy exercises which you can do at home and keep yourself fit, even in the quarantine period

Back lunge

Lunges are an awesome way to tone the lower part of your body. Backward lunges majorly target your hips, glutes and thighs. Backward lunges are safer than forward lunges, for the knees, as the pressure is reduced.

All you need to do is stand straight and move one leg backward and lower yourself. Make sure the knee of the leg which goes back do not touch the ground. Continue it for seconds and do 2-3 sets of the exercise. You can also add weight, if you have any at home, for extra resistance.

Curtsy lunge

Curtsy lunges target your inner thigh muscles and helps in toning it. The exercise engages your quads, hamstrings, calves and back. As it works on many parts of your body at the same time, it is an ideal all-in-one exercise.

Stand with your feet apart and keep your hands on your waist. Now step back towards the right, with your left leg in a way that your thighs cross. Bend both knees in the process. Return to the initial position and repeat with the other leg.

Front lunge

Front lunges are the complete opposite of back lunges. It not only helps in toning but also helps in strengthening leg muscles, it involves your core, butt and leg muscles altogether.

Stand with feet shoulder apart and step forward with left leg. Now lower yourself on the ground in a way that your left foot is flat on the ground while right leg is parallel with the ground.

Lateral lunge

Another type of lunges is the lateral lunge. It is a great exercise to do in order to stabilize the muscles of the hip joint. As the exercise is done sideways, it involves the side glutes and quadriceps muscles.

Stand straight with your feet firmly on the ground. Now lift your left leg and take a step sideways, without moving your right leg. Now bend your left leg but make sure that your right knee is straight. Come back to the initial position and repeat with the other leg.

High plank

Planks might look simple but in reality are hard to do. Planks involve your arms, legs, and abs, which makes them an all-encompassing workout.

For this exercise keep your palms and toes firmly on the ground and keep them stretched. Keep your back straight and do not sag, as it might cause back pain. Now lift one leg and move the knee forward and try drawing a circle with it. Do the same with other leg as well.

Straight arm circle

A very simple exercise which will get your shoulder, biceps and triceps moving is straight arm circles. If you have excess fat on your arms, then this is the ideal exercise to do.

Just stand straight with your arms on your both sides, parallel to the ground. Now make big circles with your arms without bending the elbows. Continue the exercise for 30 seconds. You can easily do 3-4 sets of this workout.

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